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Why the Nintendo Switch is the Best Gaming Console

Recently, my family purchased a Nintendo Switch. When I say recently, I mean last April, but you get the point. We unpacked the shiny new screen and the beautiful controllers. We plugged it all in and started up our first game; 1, 2, SWITCH!

We tested out a few mini-games, such as juggling, boxing, or even counting how many balls in a virtual box! The Joy-Cons featured HD rumble, which allowed us to feel every single movement.

A bit later, we got NBA 2K18. For those of you that don't know, NBA 2K is a series of games released by 2K Games based on the NBA. For such a tiny console, it handled the graphics of 2K superbly.

One of the main features of the Switch is the ability to take it out of its dock and play it like a handheld tablet or phone. The Joy-Cons were attached to the side and there was a kickstand at the back. This allows you to play multiplayer without having to put it back into the dock.

Since all the internals are in the Switch (and not the dock), you can play high-end games, such as 2K, in portable mode and carry it around on the bus, train or even a plane. This beats getting the iPad app in many ways, including the facts that the iPad doesn't have controllers and that usually the iPad ports aren't as complete.

The only downside to having Nintendo stuff the Switch with amazing internals is that this does not leave much space for the battery. This is fine if you're playing in TV mode, but if you're carrying it around out and about then I definitely recommend getting a portable charger. Battery usage can vary from 6 hours to just 2 depending on the graphical requirements.

Compared to the Xbox One X or the PS4 Pro, the Switch definitely lacks in speed and graphics, but this is traded out for portability, price and other features (like HD rumble)


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