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We're Off (Cruise 5/5) | USA Trip

We woke up earlier than usual. I was sad that we were leaving the cruise, but we also had a week of theme parks ahead, so I was also kind of exited. We brought our luggage down to breakfast at Animator's Palate, the same restaurant as dinner the night before. We were being served a disembarkation menu. It included items such as the Captain's Farewell (what I ordered), Route 66, Eggs for the Road and Almost Home. This was the last time we saw our servers and we all had a nice farewell.

We picked up our bags as we took one last look and a few photos at the Disney Dream. We walked out the same way as we entered. Passing through the same gates as we boarded a couple days before, we ended up in the baggage claim. We had decided to bring our bags ourselves as we did not see that as such a big hassle, considering we only had one luggage. All the bag collection points were marked with various Disney characters.

Outside, we called an Uber and made our way to the hotel. We went to the Disney Dolphin to check in. This hotel was a Marriot - operated Disney hotel inside of alt Disney World. We were greeted by a nice check-in man and he helped us to check in.

Surprisingly, the hotel had no booking under our name. Maybe we had forgotten to book a hotel. Turns out that wasn't the case; we had just tried to check in to the wrong hotel. Across a courtyard was the Disney Swan, another hotel with nearly the same theme and appearance, except the dolphins were now swans.

This time, we checked in successfully. The room was not available yet, so we dropped our bags and we went to wait for a Disney shuttle to Disney Springs.

Disney Springs was a larger equivalent to California's Downtown Disney. It had many shops, including a delicious hot dog stand. We also went to the Lego Store. This time, I did the VR thing again but with my brother. Even though we chose another game, it was still held in the same setting as the other. We were still given guns and there was still a hot bit.

We headed back to the Swan and had a quick rest, before departing to have dinner.

We had dinner at Bluezoo, situated at the neighbouring Disney Dolphin. They served steaks and seafood. At the end, we were not sure how much to tip so we just gave 10%. Little did we know, at the bottom of the receipt, they were actually expecting upwards of 18%. We quickly departed back to our room.


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