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We on a Ship (Cruise 4/5) | USA Trip

It was our last full day on the ship. And we would spend it at sea. We had a whole day of those activities planned. The problem was, we woke up very late, so we had already missed some activities. The only restaurant still open was Enchanted Garden.

Enchanted Garden was serving a semi-buffet where foods were taken by us from the buffet and everything else was taken care of by waiters. I first ordered a tomato juice, followed by some poached eggs. I also had porridge, sausages, scrambled eggs and cereal from the buffet.

The guy serving us didn't look very enthusiastic about his job. When we asked him about the poached eggs, he tried to convince us that it was too much trouble and not worth the wait. Nevertheless, we still ordered them.

The restaurant didn't have any, so they had to get some from Cabanas, the full buffet upstairs. Unfortunately, the were closed, so they had to make the poached eggs from scratch in the Enchanted Garden. They turned out very oily, but ai still tried to eat them since they put in so much effort.

Well, breakfast was done, and next we had this presentation about Disney Vacation Club. It was located in the D Lounge. Basically you bought a share of one of Disney's properties and you got points every year for like 60 years. it sounded very intriguing, so we booked an appointment at 9:00 to meet a guy to discuss the details.

We would skip lunch, due to our late breakfast, so next was a juggling workshop and the making of the ship. We still had some time before that, so decided to head up to the Aquaduck. We went on several times, until some guy got stuck in the slide and they had to rescue him. We were at the top of the line and I wasn't planning on giving up my spot, so I stayed.

The whole operation took around 30 minutes. When we finally got down, I found out that my parents thought that we had been missing. Apparently lots of people had come down from the slide and they couldn't see us.

Anyway, it was time for the two activities, but they were at the same time. We decide to split up with my and my brother doing the juggling while my parents did the thing with the ship.

In the juggling workshop with Charles Peachock, we were taught how to juggle with three balls. It was a great session and I can now juggle. We ended up buying three balls. We went to the making of the ship where they were talking about the private island, Castaway Cay.

Next, there was this crafts session where we made these paper chameleons. We spent around half an hour colouring, cutting and sticking. Most of the time though, we were just playing around with the juggling balls.

It was nearly time for Beauty and the Beast. This play received the best theatrical performance award from IAAPA. It is said that this was the best play on the ship. We headed down quite early so we could get good seats. We decided to sit in the balcony this time. We got popcorn and settled down.

After a short announcement by the ship's entertainment coordinator, the show began. It was based very tightly on the original story. There were lots of moving parts and the whole thing was very satisfying to watch. It truly was spectacular.

Before dinner, there was still time to do something so we went back to the D Lounge where they were holding another game show. This time, two people from a family, a kid and a parent, would go up and a series of questions would be asked. You would score if both people in your family got the same answer. There was this one kid who gave away a lot about his father. Too much, probably. He would always elaborate on anything. It was very entertaining.

Finally, it was dinner time. We ate at Animator's Palate, a restaurant themed around various Disney characters. The walls had interactive screens with characters that wold talk with us. Like they could have full on conversations. Anyway, the food there wasn't that special. It was just some American food. At the conclusion of the meal, our server showed us a magic trick.

At 9:00, we went down to Deck 2 to have a closer look at Disney Vacation Club. The guy explained all the stuff, including the locations (most of which were in America), pricing, and all that fancy stuff. Turns out that most of this stuff was for Americans (and we aren't American) so we didn't get it.

Back in our room, we saw instructions of how to disembark the ship. It finally dawned on me that this would actually end. But it will. So then I slept.

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