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Trump's Wall

I might make a lot of enemies by saying this, but HOW THE HECK DID TRUMP WIN THE ELECTION?

TLDR; Trump just won an election by saying that he was going to build a wall that nobody wanted.

Last year, Donald Trump said that he was going to build a wall. He was going to keep out the Mexicans. He was going to eliminate the freedom that America once stood for. I remember, last year, I was in art class, my iPad open on Google, looking at the live voting of the USA's next president. Hillary Clinton was going to be the first female president of the USA ever. But then Trump won. And he was going to build a wall.

Here I am, having waited around a year, and has Trump built a wall yet? NO. It's quite obvious that the wall isn't going to be built. But why did we fall for it? People have been lying, falsifying for generations to get political power. Maybe some people just think that maybe, just maybe, that this time, outrageous claims might just be true. Maybe it's that sense of hope.

But hope for what? Hope for a big wall dividing the USA and Mexico? Why would you hope for something like that? You could argue that tons of illegal immigrants are getting over the USA-Mexican border by land, but statistics prove that over 50% of illegal immigrants get into the USA by plane. You would be much better off spending the money and resources used to build the wall to instead help the growing population of homeless people in the USA.

So, let's MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN by stop believing in these lies.


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