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THE FOOD HERE IS AMAZING | Japan Trip (Day 1/12)

So, right now, I'm in a hotel called Grand Nikko, and it's awesome. Here's why...

After we checked in, a hotel lady grabbed our bags in a big, fancy trolley and carried it up to our rooms before we even got up there. But, as soon as we stepped into our rooms, I was blown away. Firstly, they not only had an ice machine, but an ice bucket on our minibar! Now, this may not sound that exciting to you, but for me it was.

Like all Japanese toilets, this one was electric and had that thing which sprayed your butt. There was a big bathtub and a shower, both including soap and shampoo. When you were done showering though, there was a dressing gown waiting for you at the door and a fresh set of PJs lying on the table just in front.

On a dock right next to our table sat Handy, an android phone which we could use throughout our stay at the hotel. It included facts about Japan, maps, recommendations, had unlimited calls, free internet and you could even connect your social media.

To end the day, we went down to Garden Dining, a delicious restaurant which was having a buffet dinner night at 10% off! I don't now how to explain this, but when we went up to the pasta chef, he would boil the spaghetti, cook the sauce then mix it all up on a cheese wheel. To be honest, I think that that was probably the best restaurant I'd ever been to.


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