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The Bahamas (Cruise 3/5) | USA Trip

I woke up in the morning. We had breakfast in the Royal Palace, where we were served a full à la carte breakfast. We were served juices, eggs, french toast and much more.

Today, we would be at The Bahamas. I didn't really want to get off the ship, but some others did, so I followed them. When we get off, guess what the first thing we find is? Insect repellent.

After walking through a large area where people tried to sell us stuff (not unlike Hollywood). We stopped at a café and figured out where to go.

We got in this taxi that drove us to this hotel. It had Wi-Fi, which is the main reason we got off the ship. We stayed there a bit, my mum did some work and then we left.

There was a private beach at the hotel, but since it was private, we were not allowed in. Therefore, we had to go to a public beach. People were trying to sell us chairs. We left immediately.

We found a place where some taxi drivers were having lunch. I caught their attention and we got into a taxi. This time, the taxi had no side mirror.

As we're driving down the roads, I notice that some cars' drivers are sitting on the left. We were just in America, so this seemed acceptable. The problem was, The Bahamas is a left-side driving country. Legally, drivers must've been seated on the right. But nearly half were on the left.

We re-embarked the ship. We went back up onto the pool deck where we had a Cabanas lunch. Afterwards, we went around the pools and on the Aquaduck a few times.

Back in our room, we found a few bandanas. These were for Pirate Night.

Soon enough, it was time for another session at Goofy's Sports Simulator. We mainly played baseball, but we also did some other stuff.

Goofy's Sports Deck had some table tennis tables and we played a bit on them. The show tonight was the premiere of Marry Poppins Returns. I didn't have much interest in watching that, so we didn't. Instead, we went around the ship checking stuff out.

I went up to Edge, this youth club, and it was not the best. I'm not sure what American kids are like, but that place was very loud. The club itself was located in one of the chimneys. There was a panoramic view of the entire ship from a very large window, but the window was severely tinted so you couldn't see much. I didn't stay for long.

There was this pirate show where Mickey and his friends get some pirates off our ship. Very loud, but entertaining.

My brother wanted to go on the Aquaduck again, so he and my mum went and did that. A wise man and I, on the other hand, went down to see a game show.

In this show, events would be "chosen" by a wheel and two teams would race to complete them. Seems normal? Add a bunch of little kids and the whole thing gets a whole lot more entertaining. First, a Captain and First mate had to be chosen for each team. When three kids came up instead of two, they decided to add a parrot for each team so to not leave that kid out.

The kids themselves took the games very seriously. But the hosts didn't. spinning the wheel took to long to stop so she just found something that she liked and put her hand on it.

The last event was a singing thing where each team had to sing better (louder) than the other. The person holding the lyrics ran away with them during the other team's singing.

After that thing, it was time for dinner.

We ate at, once again, the Royal Palace. But we would not be enjoying the French Cuisine. Instead, we were served a selection of several Caribbean foods. Our bread was a sweet, almost cakey mango thing. For the mains, we were given a choice of fish, chicken and a lamb shank.

We went back up to our rooms after enjoying dinner and went to sleep. We wanted to be awake later so we could see the fireworks. We didn't wake my brother so a wise man had to stay in the room with him. My mum and I went to Deck 11 where the pools had been closed off. The fireworks were spectacular. Especially for ones on a ship.

Afterwards, we got a few drinks, I got some eye-scream and we went back to the room.

Before we got there, we passed through Cabanas which had a large selection for supper. My mum and I sat down and ate a bit.

When we finally arrived back in our room, we went straight to sleep.

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