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SPA HOTEL | Japan Trip (Day 4/12)

In the morning, I was awaken by the blaring alarm clock of eight o'clock. We almost left immediately as we didn't want to miss the express train to Mount Fuji. We checked out of the hotel and walked to the station. We got some food, grabbed a ticket and boarded the train. The train's seats could swivel and passengers could face each other. I grabbed my laptop and set it down onto the table. I played a few games then went to sleep.

We switched trains onto the NEX (Narita EXpress) from the airport. We sat for another forty minutes before arriving at our stop. We got on a taxi that took us to our hotel.

When we stepped through the doors, all the lights were off and there was nobody around except for us, which was a bit dodgy. Later, I found out that the check-in time was at 2pm and the check-out time was at 11am and we had arrived at 1pm.

We went out for an Italian lunch, but my mum accidentally showed the taxi driver the wrong place so we ended up at a noodle place instead. We ate it and it was delicious. I tried something new; horse sashimi. It tasted like any raw meat would taste like, except the texture was more like salami.

Afterwards, we went to this music museum place where I made my own little music box. I painted a Mt. Fuji on it and it looked pretty cool.

By the time I was done, it was already dark outside. So, we quickly got out and went to the bus stop. Luckily, we hadn't come any later as just as we had arrived, so did the bus. If we hadn't gotten onto that bus, we would've had to wait a whole hour for the next one.

When we got back to the hotel, we went to our private dinner room with all the Japanese food laid out in front of us. There was Japanese barbecue, smoked salmon and other things. We ate nearly all of it and we also played a game of 'telephone'.

Back in our room, we changed into traditional Japanese robe. After waiting half an hour, we went upstairs to the Japanese public bath. We got undressed and took a shower. Without drying off, we went outside into the freezing mountain weather. The hot bath suddenly warmed us up. I would even say it was too hot.

We dried off, got dressed and went back to our room.

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