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SNOW | Marysville Trip (Day 2/3)

So, you see, I can't actually ski. But, nevertheless, snow is still fun, and that's why we headed up Lake Mountain today. The day started with a breakfast provided by a wise man. Scrambled eggs on toast (except I had no toast). Quite nice. We prepared to go up the mountain by grabbing a pair of snow chains.

On that note, before today, I'd had no idea that cars' driving wheels were usually the front wheels. I always thought that they were always given power from the back. Anyways;

We started driving up the mountain, and around halfway up, it started snowing. By the time we reached the gate, our car was covered in snow. We got out to put on the snow chains on the front wheels. We continued our drive up and up and up and up...

Unlike last year, we actually got a parking space near the entrance. We parked the car and grabbed the stuff from the trunk. Since I couldn't ski, what was the next best thing? Snowboarding. After that? Toboggans. We walked up to the top of the run and slid down. For the rich people, there was a magic carpet which brought you to the top on a conveyor for $10. We ended up buying a ticket.

We were getting hungry (not really) so we stopped and went into the cafeteria thing. The floor was wet and so were the chairs (and tables). That didn't matter, because there was food. Obviously, we couldn't find a seat since some people were setting up camp here. They brought Eskys, Thermoses and other containers full of food. We ended up just buying a tray of chips and hot chocolate.

After "lunch", we decided to find another toboggan run. The closest one was closed for tobogganing, but open for snow-play. Next to that, it also said NO ENTRY. We went in.

Nobody was here (suspiciously) so the snow was very soft and powdery. I started throwing snowballs at a wise man, and he back at me. This continued on for a bit, while my mum just sat there and my bro swaying between both. We got tired quickly, so we decided to do something else: build a snowman. We started by making a small snowball, then we rolled it around for a bit. Repeat this three times and you have a snowman.

We decided to go back to tobogganing and went up the magic carpet again. We slid down a few times, before receiving information regarding the closed toboggan run. It was now open. We decided to go there, and we slid down a few times. I also buried a bottle of Sunkist.

We were all dying (we were tired) so we went back to the car and began how drive down. On the way down we encountered various concerning cars. It was already 3:45, but cars were still heading up the mountain. Most didn't have snow chains, which caused them to slip. A lot. One nearly fell off. A few other cars had misjudged the stability of snow and drove close to the edge. His car was stuck. Many people stopped on the middle of the road to put on snow chains. Smart guys. We reached the gate and removed the snow chains. During this process we saw a couple firetrucks, an ambulance and a SES truck head up the mountain. Luckily we left earlier (thanks tired mum).

Back at home, we started the fireplace again and I took another shower in the bathtub (or what they called a "spa"). Before long, it was dinnertime and we went to this pub/bistro thing called "Duck Inn". I got sausages :)

Back at home, we watched more YouTube, played more NBA 2K18 and ate a strawberry cheesecake. Then, I read more of that boring book and slept.

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