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Sailing Away (DCL Part 1/5) | USA Trip

The last few days, I was on a cruise. In fact, I just got off this morning. I will begin with the first day of the cruise.

The day began with us getting breakfast and checking out of Universal's Loews Sapphire Falls Resort. An Uber was ordered and we began our hour long drive to Port Canaveral.

As we finally arrived, I shot some footage on the Insta360 camera that we had bought recently in Hong Kong. There were many people waiting in line to check in, but when our turn finally arrived, the process was nice and simple. We received "Key to the World" cards which acted as our room key, ID and info for dining and evacuation.

The ship we would be cruising on was the Disney Dream of Disney Cruise Line.

We took the Midship elevators to our room, on Deck 10, at the Aft of the ship. Inside the room, we were welcomed with a large double bed and a sofa. Our over-sized verandah provided adequate space.

Once we had unpacked our luggage, we made our way up to Deck 11, were the pools and buffet were located. This was the place where the Sailing Away Party was to be held. We headed into Cabana's, a casual buffet. Once we were done with lunch, we went outside to the pool deck for the Sailing Away Party. After five minutes of standing in front of blaring speakers, we had enough of the loudness and headed back downstairs.

On the Dream, there were two theatres: the Walt Disney Theatre and the Buena Vista theatre. The latter was mainly used for movie viewing while the first was used for Broadway-style shows. We bought some popcorn and sat down in the Buena Vista theatre to watch Ralph Breaks the Internet.

At the conclusion of the film, two after-credit scenes were shown and we left the theatre. It was almost dinner time, and this was to be held in one of the three restaurants part of DLC's rotational dining program.

That night, we were to be eating at Enchanted Garden, a restaurant based on Disney's The Princess and the Frog.

The food and service at this restaurant was exquisite. We tried every appetiser, and even ordered some twice. For dessert, I had a Mickey ice-cream bar. Overall, the dining experience was amazing. After all, it was Disney.

After a very fulfilling meal, we went back to our rooms to find that the sofa had been converted into a bunk-bed! Then I slept.

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