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NET WORLD | Japan Trip (Day 6/12)

After getting onto another train, we went to the Hakone Open-Air Museum. I had been here multiple times when I was younger, and there was a specific exhibition that I remember.

This museum was dedicated to Picasso and his many works of art. My bro took tons of pictures and the sculptures were all very interesting.

But, the part that we were both looking forward to the most was the net world. It was basically a huge room filled with layers of nets with big holes in them to climb through. We found the best routes up and down and some places to relax in.

Once we were done, we went to the buffet next to the museum. There were noodles, fried rice, ice cream and basically everything else we could imagine. My mum accidentally ate the noodles without cooking them first. After we walked in, we noticed an American family talking very loudly. They sat down on the table next to ours and they talked throughout the entire meal.

After an exhausting day, I couldn't wait to go back to our hotel's spas for a relaxing night.

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