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LEGOLAND | Japan Trip (Day 9/12)

Today was probably the best day in the entire trip. Read on and I'll tell you all about it...

So, we woke up in the morning and headed straight for the station. As the train we were going on was its own, separate line, we wandered around for quite a bit trying to find its platform, but once we found it, we boarded it until the very last station.

The first thing we saw as we got of the train was the Legoland Hotel. This was still under construction, though, so it had huge cranes everywhere around it. We walked past the hotel until we saw the glorious Legoland. I had never been to a Legoland before, so I wasn't sure what to expect. The front gate had Lego sculptures on it, there were huge Lego buckets and basically everything else reminded me of Lego. Being a Lego fan myself, seeing all this in real life was really a dream come true.

The first attraction we went to was the Minicity. There were Lego buildings upon buildings to create a mini version of Japan. The attention to detail was just amazing. From the Rainbow Bridge to the Nagoya Car Factory everything just blew my mind.

Next, we decided the most logical thing to do was to go onto the observatory tower. It was like a big doughnut shaped elevator that went up a tall pole. We saw the massive theme park that called itself Legoland.

After checking out all the rides and stuff we went to the Lego Factory Tour. This tour (in Japanese) showed us the process of how Lego bricks are made. We even got to take home our very own Lego Factory exclusive Christmas brick, straight from the machines.

After lunch at the buffet restaurant, we went onto the submarine adventure where we saw inside an aquarium with fish swimming all around us.

After a few more rides, my bro and I went to this driving lesson thing in Lego City. We got into tiny lego cars and drove around on roads. That was fun, but for some reason, the park PA announced that they would be closing soon. This was strange, as it was only six o'clock and when my mum searched it up on Google, the closing time was eight. We rushed to the shops and ultimately decided to buy a few shirts and Lego sets.

After taking the train back to the hotel, we went to the spa for a nice, long bathe.

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