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I'm going to start off in the morning. I woke up at 10, after having a late night last night. I took a shower, got changed, and did all the other boring stuff. But then, we got into an Uber and went to Tokyo's fish market.

As we got there, I could see, around every corner, a vending machine. Now, these vending machines weren't like the ones you would find in Australia. No, these vending machines were actually very cheap! Like I'm saying an Aussie dollar for a bottle of Coke! On top of that, they also served hot drinks. Now, this was very important in the freezing Japanese weather.

We sat down at a sashimi restaurant nearby and we ordered (obviously) fish. Raw fish. Well, I didn't now this at that time, but apparently my stomach doesn't like lots of raw fish. I didn't eat much after that because I felt so sick.

After that, we went to, what I think is, the biggest toy store I'd ever been to. It was four levels of pure, Japanese toys. On the first level, it was just random stuff like Lightsaber Chopsticks or stuff like that. The second was filled with stuffed toys and plushies. The level above that had all the anime stuff. Pokémon, Naruto and all that good stuff. On the top level, there were cool Japanese toys like mini baseball, card games and more.

Once we were done shopping, we dropped our stuff off at our hotel and went to Joypolis. So, Joypolis was like a virtual amusement park filled with motion rides, roller coasters and a virtual reality shooter. First, I went on a jungle adventure motion ride. The Jeep entered the screening room where it moved while a short FPV movie played. Next, a smart man and I went into a Star Wars Starfighter simulator. Afterwards, we went onto a Transformers battle simulator. It was like a ball on a frame that went 360 degrees. We went sideways, upside down,

backwards, forwards and basically every direction possible.

At the end of the day, we were really tired and went straight to bed. Overall, it was an amazing experience.

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