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I got up late again

and got changed into my new clothes. We left the hotel to a nearby shopping centre (the one next to Joypolis). We found the restaurant Eggs 'n Things. This all day breakfast place served the most delicious waffles I had ever seen (or tasted)! We ordered our food and it came very quickly. I ordered a pancake and a waffle with whipped cream and fresh fruit. It also came with a green icing pen and that was really cool.

After breakfast, we walked to the technology museum near our hotel. As we walked in, we were greeted by this enormous, digital globe. It was running a timelapse of weather patterns from the last 90 days. We went into the exhibits and saw two, very realistic, androids. We also met the humanoid robot, Asimo, who kicked a ball, danced to music and sang. Next, there was a section about how the internet works, what bits are used for what and how they are used. We used black and white marbles to represent a 16-bit message. The first four determined were the message would go, the next four told the recipient were the message came from, and the last eight would tell the message (in this case, a letter of the alphabet).

We got on a train to Toysou, where we would go to a shopping centre. Why? Because we were about to go to Kidzania. As we entered Kidzania International Airport, we were submerged into another world. Everything was adapted for little kids, there were buildings in the shopping centre and kids were role playing as working adults. I joined a part-time security guard with my bro and we earned 3 Kidzos. And yes, that was the name of their currency. I went to the bank (sponsored by SMBC) to get my ATM card and open a bank account. This society was more serious than I thought! I did my first full job (or activity) at the Food R&D Center (sponsored by Nichirei Foods) where we made snap frozen fried rice with dry ice. Next, we went to the bakery (sponsored be DONQ) were we made mini croissants and danish bars.

After a 30-minute dinner break where we ate the food that we had just made, we went to the soap factory (sponsored by Cow Soap). Now, I wasn't sure if this soap was actually made by us, but we got to take a bar home anyway. Next we went to the travel agency (sponsored by JTB) where we made our own travel fliers for Australia (that's where I live). For the last activity, we completed manga for the publishing company (sponsored by SHUEISHA) and had it bound into a co

At the end, we got paid and spent some of it on some stuff. I was going to deposit it into my bank account, but then I saw an e-Kidzo card billboard. I went to the electronic money center (sponsored by JCB) and grabbed the card.

At the end of the day, we ate some Japanese barbacue and went back to the hotel.


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