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Hotdog! | USA Trip

So, that morning, I woke up at 11am. By the time we drove to Disneyland, it was 1. So, of course, half the day was already gone. We decided to just not go into the park.

Instead, we went into the Downtown Disney

. First, we passed by a hotdog stand and ate a hotdog. The hotdog was very nice. And so was the "ketchup".

Afterwards, I went to this virtual reality thing, but the guys who did it called it "hyper-reality". Well, it was actually quite cool because you did not have to hold controllers, rather they used motion capture to track your movements. Also, when you saw something in the virtual world, it could actually be felt in the real world!

We had dinner at this Italian place and I got a Mickey balloon animal.

#disneyland #food

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