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Going Back in Time | USA Trip

A few hours later, I was at Hong Kong International Airport, just finished checking in. We went upstairs to Macca's, where we ordered burgers and soup(?).

When Macca's was done, I said goodbye to my uncle and grandma and passed through customs. We found the gate that our plane was arriving at. We took some escalators down, until we found an underground train. This train was unlike others though. It did not have a driver. So we hopped in and enjoyed the ride.

We arrived at our stop in under a minute. The gate was now just a few travelators away. We sat down in front of the gate and waited to board.

Beside us, I overheard an American man talking about meeting some widow from Saigon. I believe he proposed to her after 8 days. The man was from Arizona and had a really long beard.

Anyway, the time finally came. We got into line and got our boarding passes scanned. We entered the Boeing 777-300ER and sat down on premium economy seats. We got these amenity bags with socks, earplugs, toothpaste, a toothbrush, and an eye mask. I got the important stuff out of my bag and put it in the overhead locker. We were all given drinks.

The plane was taking off. It approached 10000 feet. The seatbelt sign turned off and menus were given to all the passengers. The dining cart came around and I ordered the risotto. The food was very nice, and there was a nice chocolate ice-cream that came afterwards. The cutlery was all proper silverware and there was the nice addition of the salad and chocolate. After a few movies, I finally decided to try to sleep.

I awoke a couple hours later, right before dinner. Or was it breakfast? Well, anyway, I ordered the dim sum, which included some dumplings and a rice pocket thing. I also got orange juice.

We landed in Los Angeles 11 hours after we took off, but 5 hours before. While it was meant to be Friday in Hong Kong, it was still Friday in LA. So we had actually gone back in time.

We went through customs again, then took a very dodgy taxi to the hotel. The driver was very talkative, but he didn't turn on the aircon. We sat through an hour of being in a sauna before finally arriving at our hotel, DoubleTree by Hilton. We were welcomed with a warm cookie.

Following a short break in the hotel room, we headed down to the streets. I found many Japanese shops and restaurants. I finally realised I was in an area called "Little Tokyo". Explains a lot. We decided on some Shabu-Shabu place. It was very nice and fulfilling.

We walked back to the hotel and headed to bed.

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