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Epcot | USA Trip

I awoke in the Disney Swan, ready for the day ahead. We packed all our bags and went downstairs to drop them off. We immediately went outside and caught a bus to Epcot centre. But, before we could enter, they confiscated our selfie stick.

A few months ago, I had already booked all the available FastPass+ that I could. But first, we had to have breakfast. The only parts of the park serving breakfast at the time was France and Norway. The place in Norway was very expensive and didn't even have any seats, so we headed to the French bakery. We ordered a lobster bisque, some pastries and a sandwich.

At the conclusion of breakfast, we headed outside and saw the completely open park. First, we went to Future World and its attractions such as Figment, Nemo and the ride in the greenhouse. It was time for our first FastPass, Soarin'.

In Soarin', riders are suspended in seats and lifted into a big concave screen, giving the experience of soaring through the world. Soarin' was probably one of my favourite rides of the day.

We lined up for Test Track. The line was 90 minutes long, but I thought it would be worth the wait. In the line, we saw various models of cars and how they were made. Eventually, we made it to the front, standing just behind a blue line. Right at that moment, they called for a stoppage of the ride and everybody was kicked out. That was except for the people in front of the blue line, who were all given FastPasses. After a bit of complaining, we were also given a FastPass.

The giant Epcot ball was home to a ride named Spaceship Earth. We lined up, went in and rode it.

Next, we went around all the different countries, from Canada all the way to Mexico. We stopped in a Japanese restaurant in Japan to have lunch. In Japan, there was also a department store which sold Japanese things. Each country's experience was totally different and great.

We ended up back in Future World where we went on the ride Mission Space. It was a motion simulator situated on a centrifuge. Each rider had a role in the spaceship. There was a pilot, engineer, navigator and commander. The experience was very realistic and I enjoyed it very much.

Back at Test Track, the ride had opened and we used the FastPass to enter. We designed our own cars and put them through various tests to determine their scores. At the end, we sped around the entire facility in the cars.

Eventually, it was time for dinner. We had booked a French place that my parents had eaten at maybe 20 years ago. It was good and we had a nice view of the fireworks.

Upon departure, we were told that our selfie stick had been taken by one of the security people. After a bit of a wait, we got the selfie sticks back and even scored a few free Disney World tickets.

We were all already very tired, but the night was far from over. We took a water taxi back to the Disney Swan and picked up our luggages. Then, we got an Uber back to Sapphire Falls Resort. We got the rest of our luggages and headed up to our room. We quickly unpacked and went straight to sleep.


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