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DISNEYSEA | Japan Trip (Day 12/12)

After a delicious buffet breakfast, we got onto the hotel shuttle to Disney Sea. The first thing we did when we got there was to try and get a FastPass for Toy Story Mania. Unfortunately, the FastPasses for Toy Story Mania was closed today so we decided to find another ride.

So, we went to the 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea ride and to see if we could get a FastPass. Luckily, we could, so we scanned our tickets and left.

We headed to Mermaid Lagoon, an indoor play area with rides, a playground and a restaurant. We went onto Jumping Jellyfish, a ride where we sat onto big Jellyfish and went up to the ceiling and then back down. That was very fun, but it was nearly time for the FastPass ride so we had to leave.

We went into the FastPass line and walked all the way down to the ride. As we walked past, I could see the envying faces of the ones not in this line.

At the end of the line, we entered a submarine sort of thing and sat down. We travelled through an underground world taken over by aliens. There were a few jump scares and that sort of thing but overall, it was a pretty good ride.

Next, we got a FastPass for the Indiana Jones ride. The wait for the standby line was three hours long, so if we didn't get the FastPass, there was no way that we could've gone onto that ride. While we were waiting for the designated FatPass time, we had some lunch. The line for lunch was 45 minutes, so we had more than enough time to think about what we wanted.

After 45 minutes of waiting, we finally got to the front where we ordered our food. We got meat and stuff and it tasted really good.

We walked to Indiana Jones and got into the FastPass line. We walked into the temple and went until we saw another person. We waited for like another half an hour before actually getting onto the ride. So much for a FASTPass.

We sat onto the Jeep and put our stuff down. We were sitting at the front, so we should've gotten the best view of everything. The vehicle had a hydraulic system in it so it could synthesise sharp turns, going over rocks and drops. It was like a motion ride, except that it actually moved.

After that amazing ride, we went onto SeaRider, a motion ride with fish. We got shrunk down to the size of a fish and swam around with Nemo and his friends. Around two years ago, we went onto the same ride. It was very different and we chasing a storm, not fish.

After that ride, there was around an hour and a half left until closing time and the trip wouldn't be complete without going onto the cruise ship. We went into the restaurant and ordered some afternoon tea. It was dedicated to Teddy Roosevelt, an American President whom you've probably heard of. We had some nuts and chilled for a bit in the nice heating of the fireplace. After we finished, we went onto the top deck and admired the beautiful view of the ocean. It was getting very cold and close to closing time so we left the ship.

We decided to leave for the hotel, but then my bro had the idea of checking out the Toy Story ride to see if the line was any shorter. We walked there and saw the line was only 90 minutes long! Now, that might sound quite long, but keep in mind that just 6 hours ago, it was a whole 180 minutes. We got into line just before closing time so they didn't kick us out.

An hour and a half later, we entered Andy's bedroom the size of tiny toys. We saw a giant bed, some board games (including the Game of Life) and even his toy chest. We got into carts with little shooters on them and went under the bed. The story's like this. Andy bought a new game, he gets called down to dinner, and since the toys are bored, they decide to set it up under the bed. The carnival games included throwing plates, arrows and other things. The whole thing was in 3D so it looked very realistic. At the end, my mum got the highest score and I came third.

After that was done, we left Disney Resort and went onto the Disneyland Resort Express. Since it was so cold, I bought so warm corn soup from a vending machine. We got off in one stop and walked to IKSPIARI, the biggest outlet in Tokyo. We went up to the top floor to eat our New Years Eve dinner. Surprisingly, the place wasn't fully booked, so we went in. The first thing I noticed were these long tube things that lead to the kitchen. First, I thought that we were eating a sushi train place, but then we sat down and saw food speeding past us onto the next table.

After ordering on a tablet, we received our stuff through that magical portal thing. We put the raw meat onto the Korean barbaque and ate. It was so delicious! We ordered like 50 orders before we were finally full.

While my mum went shopping, we went to the Disney Shop to wait. The problem was, my bro was playing on my mum's phone so she had no way of contacting us. Ultimately, she used her other phone and turned on roaming to text us. We left for the hotel and got onto the shuttle bus.

When we got back into the hotel, we bought some ice-cream to celebrate the new year. We didn't stay up until 12:00 am Japan Time because we had to get up early the next day to get to the airport. Nevertheless, we did stay up until 12:00 am Aussie time, so...


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