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DISNEYLAND | Japan Trip (Day 11/12)

After a breakfast, we took an Uber to our new hotel for the last two days . We stayed at Mitsui Garden Tokyo Prada. It was kind of like a hotel that tried to mimic Disneyland Hotel. And it was pretty good. After dropping off our bags, we took the Disneyland Partner Hotels Shuttle to Disneyland.

Immediately, I was blown away by all the amzingness of Disneyland. I had been here before, but it seemed like centuries ago. The first thing we did was check out Tommorowland. All the lines were at least an hour long. This surprised me, as in the Hong Kong Disneyland, all the lines were at most 30 minutes.

We headed to Toontown, an area designed for smaller people, hoping that the lines wouldn't be that long. My bro wanted to go onto the Go-Coaster, and since the line was only 45 minutes long, we waited. Honestly, it wasn't that bad.

After lunch, we roamed around for a bit looking for rides. We found Splash Mountain, but we were already freezing, and getting wet wouldn't really help, so we didn't go there.

It was already getting dark and we had to go somewhere, so we walked to Star Tours. It was a motion ride based on Star Wars. As we stepped in, our world was transformed into one of Star Wars. The line was 90 minutes long, so we prepared ourself for the wait. While my my mum bought us pizza, we stood and waited in the fridge that was Japan.

The pizza was delicious and, at the perfect time, we went into the building. It was an airport theme with different airlines and flight gates. As I said before, our airline was called Star Tours. Moving forward in line, we saw airport security, droid customs and many other things that you would possibly find in a Star Wars airport.

During the ride, we were transported to a Star Wars battle where we met our favourite characters. Or, at least, that's what I think happened. It was all in Japanese, so...

Next, we got into the relatively short line of the Haunted Mansion. Christmas had just finished and the ride was still decorated with Christmas ornaments. We were ushered into a room, were it slowly went downwards into a hall. We got into little carts of two and we went on our journey.

The last ride that we went on was Pirates of the Caribbean. We got onto boats and sailed off into the story. It was all (still) in Japanese and I think that it would've been scarier if I understood it. I was sitting next to my bro, who was scared all the way through. Just as he started to not get scared, the drop happened and the whole thing happened again.

After the ride, we went and bought some stuff.

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