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CHOCOLATE FACTORY | Marysville Trip (Day 3/3)

Today was the last day of the trip. We awoke this morning aiming to leave at 10 am. I didn't have breakfast. We packed all the bags and threw them into the car. Then, we drove to a parking spot nearby and walked into an "old fashioned" candy store.

Rather than being old fashioned, it just sold American stuff. We bought some chocolate rocks and glow worms and headed onwards. Nearby, the was a chocolate shop where I bought a bar of chocolate.

Our next stop was a bakery café with a surprising amount of people in it. Stuff was ordered and while we waited, we played more OLO. The coffee came along with the egg sandwich a wise man ordered. He allowed me to eat half of it, since I hadn't had breakfast.

We went through a few more shops including one with mood rings. I was nervous apparently. After this, we headed to the car where we began our drive to a winery. The drive was around 50 mins, through Black Spur Forest. The road was long and winding, occasionally passing through a small town.

We finally arrived at Yerring Winery. According to a wise man, the wine isn't that good, but the food was. Therefore, we ate. When inquiring about the soup, the waitress noted that that the soup was very fulfilling. For me, it was just filling.

After lunch, we went to Yarra Valley Chocolate Factory where we had lots of free chocolate. I got a hot one of those things (hot chocolate). Once the chocolate was done, we began our journey home.

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