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BRUNCH | Marysville Trip (Day 1/3)

We started off the day with an amazing buffet breakfast (or brunch) at Intercontinental Hotel. The omelettes there were amazing and there was also raw honey. I was very full after the meal, and we left to find my mum.

She had just done an exam for some certificate and we picked her up to find that she had passed! That was nice. After this, we began our 1:30 hour drive to Marysville. Half an hour into the trip, we stopped at a Woolworths to fuel up. Here, we got ice-cream and chips.

We stopped again in another town, where we went to a café to have a drink. The coffee was weird and so was the water. At that stop, we also played OLO.

Upon arriving in Marysville, we entered the cottage that we were renting out and unpacked our stuff. The cottage was quite clean, with two single beds and one king. We didn't stay long, however, as we went to Foodworks shortly after. We picked up some food (ice-cream) as well as some beanies. After this, we headed towards the snow gear hire store thing and got boots.

We drove back to the cottage, and then fired up the fireplace. I quickly got comfortable and took a shower in the bathtub.

Soon, it was time for dinner and we drove over to Vibe Hotel. I ordered a Hawaiian pizza. While waiting, we played more OLO. The pizza had arrived, but instead of having ham and pineapple, it just had tomatoes. Other than that, the food was decent.

We drove home and once again got comfortable. I fired up 2K18 on the Switch. I lost, unfortunately, but it was fun? I got onto bed and opened up "All Quiet on the Western Front", a book which I definitely don't like (I have to read it for school). Then I slept.

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