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3 Simple Recipes That Will Make Your Life Easier

These days, people live very busy lives. Many don't have the time to spend with the family, let alone cook their own meal. To solve that problem, here are 3 simple recipes that will make your life easier:


#1 Cup Noodles


- 1 Maggi Chicken Flavour Noodles

- 200mL boiling water


1. Peel off lid

2. Empty sachets in cup

3. Fill boiling water to line

4. Wait 3 minutes, Stir & Enjoy!


#2 Microwave Wings (The Benson Way)


- Cold buffalo wings from Wing Kingdom

- Black Pepper

- Curry Powder


1. Empty wings into large salad bowl

2. Put in a dash of pepper and a blast of curry

3. Microwave for exactly 90 seconds and serve


#3 Baked Beans


- Baked Beans


1. Empty beans into microwavable bowl

2. Microwave for 90 seconds

Caution: Baked beans may cause gas leaks

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