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Welcome to The Brain Outlet. I’m thrilled you’re here - because I have so much I want to share with you. A smart man once said, "because memories should last forever". This blog is more or less like a time capsule; something to hold my memories. With so much going on in life, it is easy to forget. I want to share my journey, right here on this blog.

Epcot | USA Trip

I awoke in the Disney Swan, ready for the day ahead. We packed all our bags and went downstairs to drop them off. We immediately went...

We're Off (Cruise 5/5) | USA Trip

We woke up earlier than usual. I was sad that we were leaving the cruise, but we also had a week of theme parks ahead, so I was also kind...

We on a Ship (Cruise 4/5) | USA Trip

It was our last full day on the ship. And we would spend it at sea. We had a whole day of those activities planned. The problem was, we...

The Bahamas (Cruise 3/5) | USA Trip

I woke up in the morning. We had breakfast in the Royal Palace, where we were served a full à la carte breakfast. We were served juices,...

Private Island (Cruise 2/5) | USA Trip

I was pretty excited for the coming day. Why? Probably because I like private islands. Not that I’d ever been on one, but I was sure that...

Sailing Away (DCL Part 1/5) | USA Trip

The last few days, I was on a cruise. In fact, I just got off this morning. I will begin with the first day of the cruise. The day began...

American Airlines | USA Trip

This morning, I was in an Uber. It took us to the airport. But first, we went through Beverly Hills. Very expensive. Anyway, we ended up...

Dodgywood | USA Trip

So we went to Hollywood. It was very dodgy. Well, first, some guy approached us and gave us one of his CDs, but then he took it again,...

Hotdog! | USA Trip

So, that morning, I woke up at 11am. By the time we drove to Disneyland, it was 1. So, of course, half the day was already gone. We...


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I started this blog for one reason. That reason was because a wise man told me to. It wasn't my idea. In fact, I might even say that I didn't want to do it. But now, I finally realise why I needed to start blogging in the first place. To capture my memories. My name is BATMAN (just kidding it's Jacob).


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